Consultday has helped a large and diverse group of organizations rise to a higher level with a new blueprint for HR, Conversions & Integrations, Optimizing Processes & Systems, and HR Analytics. 


Consultday specializes in the field of Program and Project Management. We have a proven track record in executing Tenders, Package Selections, Implementations, Sourcing issues, and the selection of Vendor(s).


HR Software Selection 
Consultday has experience with all HCM packages frequently used by larger (inter)national organizations. Due to our experience with various package selections (including Workday, SAP SuccessFactors, Nmbrs, Raet, and AFAS), we know the market, the strengths, and weaknesses of the various systems, and we understand the challenges of HR and the business. All this enables us to set up a software selection that is appropriate for the organization and HR Strategy in question. Click here for more information.


Tender for HR systems  
Consultday has been responsible for several (European) tender projects for E-HRM software and HR software within the Dutch Government (Municipalities, Provinces, and Central Government) and the Non-Profit sector (including Water companies, Education, and Energy). We do this as project leaders, consultants, or by providing a second opinion. Consultday has experience with all HCM and payroll software used within the Non-Profit sector (including AFAS, RAET, ADP, SAP and Workday).


HR system implementations  
Consultday has an extensive track record in implementing HR IT systems in Government, Education, Healthcare as well as larger SME organizations and Multinationals. Deploying a new HR system goes further than just going live with the new system. It is also about the transformation of HR, where our goal is to make HR Technology understandable and accessible for the entire organization.


HR sourcing 
The sourcing of HR operations has been an important topic within HR for quite some time now. Consultday aids organizations in determining an appropriate sourcing strategy and/or insource or outsourcing entire departments and activities. 


HR Vendor Selection 
Within large-scale HR-IT processes, the selection of good partners is essential. Consultday is software and partner independent, knows the market, and is, therefore, the ideal sparring partner for HR organizations when selecting the Vendor(s) that best suit their specific needs.

Bij Consultday combineren we diepgaande branchekennis met een pakketonafhankelijke benadering om zo aan de unieke behoeften van elke organisatie te voldoen. Hoewel wij ieder HR-platform implementeren, zien wij dat er in de markt een duidelijke behoefte is aan gedegen AFAS-inrichtingsdocumentatie.


Vanuit diverse projecten, waar zowel wijzelf als ons netwerk, bij betrokken zijn, krijgen wij mee dat er onvoldoende ondersteuning is bij het opstellen van een goed inrichtingsdocument.


Waarom kiezen voor het AFAS-inrichtingsdocument van Consultday?










  • At Consultday, we’ve noticed that many organizations have taken the important first step of recognizing that their HR IT system is outdated when considering their current organizational needs. However, we understand that it can be challenging for organizations to determine exactly what needs to be investigated before deciding on a market consultation. 
  • That’s where we come in! Our team at Consultday specializes in helping you shape your organisation’s needs (by means of personas) and specifically map out all HR capabilities of interest for your organization, before moving forward with transforming or adopting a new HR IT system.

We believe in a simple and transparent approach. Our focus is on understanding and characterizing your organization’s HR IT requirements. With our ’Early needs assessment’, we provide concise and to-the-point outputs that form the basis for the selection process. What can you expect from us?

  • 1. Collaboratively defining the scope of the future solution with clear outcomes and recommendations based on our extensive expertise and in line with the overall integration of your organisation’s IT strategy.

  • 2. Transparent system requirements and several key user stories for each HR module.

  • 3. Outlining a HR service delivery model (both global and local)

  • 4. Clearly defined integration scope for the HR IT system.

  • 5. Distinct outcomes that shows the health of your HR data.

  • 6. Clear formats and templates for the entire selection process (such as scorecards and RFP guidelines).

  • 7. Analysing the impact of change on your organization and providing a clear approach for managing the transition.

  • 8. Providing concise outputs from all workshops and ensuring clarity on identified dependencies.

  • 9. Creating a high-level plan and offering a clear outlook on the next stages in the coming period.

We believe in making this process as user-friendly and straightforward as possible for our clients. Our goal is to help you make informed decisions about your future HR IT system, so we can ensure that it meets the unique needs of your organization in advance of the HR Software Selection trajectory.

A new HR IT system is a long-term investment. Because this system will support your organization for a number of years, it is important to ask the right, critical questions during the selection process. This applies not only to the selection of the system, but certainly also to the selection of the implementation partner. What are the underlying goals? What are the requirements for the system and how heavily do these requirements weigh? Does the implementation partner have a cultural fit with our organization? It is key to find balance in these factors, hence our credo: HR Technology, Made Easy


Once the internal organization has identified the initial set of requirements, the search for a suitable partner can begin. The importance of a good partner is often underestimated. The right partner not only ensures a successful implementation, but also offer creative ideas in line with your organization and a good cultural fit will lead to efficient cooperation. We support in the selection of your partner and will also be critical of the consultants’ knowledge and availability. By using our extensive network, we are able to recommend the right partners’ consultants for your organization.


Thanks to our years of experience in finetuning initial requirements, drawing up user cases and visualizing process flows, we are able to select the right partners for your needs. Thanks to our software and partner independence, we will make sure that you will talk to the HR vendors and partners that best fit your organization and requirements.


Of course, we also guide you during the decision-making process and, if required, review the contract and agree on the best negotiation strategy in coordination with procurement.