Business Consultancy

Consultday has helped a large and diverse group of organizations rise to a higher level with a new blueprint for HR, Conversions & Integrations, Optimizing Processes & Systems, and HR Analytics. 

HR operating model
Consultday supports companies in creating the new blueprint of the ideal HR organization and the associated implementation of, for example, HR processes, technologies, and services catalog. This is done based on broad knowledge and experience. 


Conversion and integrations 
The infrastructure of the HR IT landscape has become extremely complex. This is reinforced by the complexity of the payroll. HR processes, (local) legislation, and financial processes come together within payroll and this makes conversion and/or integrations more difficult. knowledge of both HR and IT is essential. Due to our focus on HR IT, Consultday is the partner to advise and support on these topics. 


Process Optimization 
Digitization has made the design and management of HR systems essential for the functioning of HR services. The functional and application managers of Consultday have a background in HR,  understand the entire HR IT landscape, and know from experience how processes can best be set up and optimized. 


HR Analytics 
The importance of HR management information is increasing. Consultday helps to get a grip on the available data and to provide the organization with the desired information. Consultday provides support in the various phases. From determining the strategy to setting up HR Analytics to performing analyses.