Flexible and Effective Support with TechCoaches

TechCoaches support organizations with technology-based projects and day-to-day business. With a high level of user adoption, good knowledge of new technologies and positive energy
TechCoaches will be a great and flexible help for teams and departments. With the help of TechCoaches, organizations can deal with the extra workload and take the necessary steps to achieve successful user adoption of technologies, processes and procedures.

Who are the TechCoaches?

TechCoach are technical Bachelor or Master students who have been selected by Consultday based on 5 important skills. These skills are Didactic Skills, Flexibility, People-Orientation, Energy and Cooperation. Consultday is constantly updating a toolbox to help TechCoaches make an impact and bring lessons-learned to other organizations. TechCoaches gain experience by training, testing and daily practice. They develop themselves through selfassessments. Click here for the Infographic.

Interested in becoming a TechCoach? 

Are you a Technical Student who is interested in becoming a TechCoach? Click here for more information. It takes just 10 to 15 minutes to apply to become part of the TechCoach pool. Click on Click here to apply and to get more information about the following procedure.

Interested in working together with TechCoaches? 

Are you interested in hiring TechCoaches for your project or organization? Contact Mike Forsch via or call 06-19517130.