By means of the HR Operations Scan, Implementations, Robotization, and Interim Solutions, Consultday assists organizations with further HR development.

HR Operations Scan
Consultday helps get an objective and thorough picture of HR Operations and the improvement potential with the HR Operations Scan. The scan is based on 6 modules: People, Organization, User Experience, Data & Reports, Processes, and Systems. There is a choice between the Quick Scan and the Deep Dive Scan. 


Robotization (RPA) Implementation 
Robotization is currently still difficult to apply in HR. Consultday believes that robotization will help make simple tasks disappear, making work more enjoyable. That is why we help organizations to apply robotization and thus realize new savings. 


Our TechCoaches help organizations successfully realize digital transformations. The adoption by the users is a factor that should not be underestimated within any (HR) Transformation process. Through knowledge of new technologies, change processes, and learning styles, TechCoaches ensure that your users are helped personally, by telephone, or online to become familiar with new systems and working methods. TechCoaches can be used within every phase of a project. Download the infographic here for more information. 


Interim Solutions 
Consultday assists organizations in fulfilling temporary Project, IT, and HR roles. We do this by means of temporary deployment, and/or service contracts and are always package independent. In addition to our own consultants, we have an extensive and broad network, knowledge of many HR packages, and (inter)national experience. 


Project roles:

  • Program and Project Management 
  • PMO 
  • HR Communications Advisor 


IT roles: 

  • Functional manager 
  • Application Manager 
  • Test Manager 
  • Tester 
  • Data analyst 
  • Integration Architect 
  • Solution Architect 


HR roles: 

  • Change Manager 
  • HR Transformation Manager 
  • HR Services Manager 
  • Trainer/Coach 



  • workday 
  • SuccessFactors 
  • SAP HR 
  • RAET 
  • AFAS 
  • ADP 
  • Nmbrs 
  • Orcale